$6 IKEA Lamp Hack

same lamp/same paper (Light On)

I really wanted 2 of these dandelion lamps for our bedroom, but at approx. $105 each, I decided to hack 2 IKEA TASSA NATT kid’s wall lamps w/ frogs for $5 each & save myself $200. It is rumored that it’s “Last Chance“. (It has been discontinued.) When I bought mine at my local Seattle IKEA there was no sign saying “Last Chance“.

same lamp/same paper (Light Off)

This hack has been done many times before here & here, however my hack is slightly different. We needed wall lamps that we could wire directly into the wall, not the corded plug-in kind. So we simply cut the cord off & just wired it directly into the wall.

2-Sided Scrapbook Paper

Also the paper I found ($1 ea.) that matched our bedroom colors of (pale) pink & beige, just happened to be 2-sided, creating a cool effect. It’s like having 2-lamps-in-1!

$6 IKEA Lamp Hack

This hack couldn’t be easier.
You will need scissors & maybe tape if you are using fabric instead of decorative paper
1. take lamp apart
2. trace frog paper onto back of decorative paper or fabric
3. cut paper/fabric
4. place paper/fabric on shade & fold over edges (use tape to secure fabric)
5. assemble lamp

Kid’s Coloring Table

Homeschool Area Under the Steps at Our Loft

Other Side (Orange Side)

I first discovered this table on The Container Store website back in 2007 when the boys were 5 & 7 years old.

from The Container Store

It was a bit too pricey so I tried to use some parts from the IKEA ANTONIUS line like the IKEA ANTONIUS Desktop for $20 instead of The Container Store Desktop w/ Rounded Corners for $149. Now that the boys are older, 9 & 11, I will be upgrading the height of the table & getting bigger chairs.

Big Kid’s Version of Coloring Table made w/ Cheaper IKEA Parts

Checklist for Big Kid/Teen’s Art Table: desktop, open wire drawer unit or plastic drawer unit, & optional divided tray drawer insert

Putting the Kid’s Coloring Table Together

Checklist for Smaller Kid/Toddler-sized Coloring Table: desktop, 2 drawer units (1 medium & 1 narrow), Velcro (for securing desktop to drawer units), & optional feet (for elfa units)

Narrow Drawer Options & Divided Tray

Medium Drawer Options & Divided Tray

The Container Store elfa drawer units come in several widths & heights & you can vary the size of the drawers you use, unlike IKEA ANTONIUS which has only one size wire drawer. You do get a little variety w/ the plastic ANTONIUS drawers 7 gallon $8 or 13 gallon $10.

Drawer Liners & Paper Roll Holders

The Container Store elfa Open Wire Baskets (w/ optional Liner) are cheaper than the elfa Wire Mesh Baskets, but not as cheap as IKEA ANTONIUS Open Wire Baskets. You will however need to buy either the Hangmate Shoe Rack $10 or Hangmate Accessory File $10 (x2) for holding the Paper Roll/Banner from The Container Store.

Chairs & Optional Accessories

Checklist: Band-It Outdoor Loop $2 (x2) for holding the paper down on the table (both ends), Clip Labels or Magnetic Labels (for labeling the drawers), & of course a Chair or 2.

Here it is in action!

Finished Artwork (ready to be rolled up)

Advance the paper over the table from the paper roll on one end & roll up their artwork on the other end.

Buckets of Creativity

Oh, yes …


it also makes a nice place for a nap : )

P.S. more photos here

Kid-Friendly IKEA Hack

Cheap Book Racks

Thought I’d blog about an IKEA Hack I did back in March 2008. Not really hacked, but repurposed: IKEA BEKVÄM Spice Racks as cheap book racks. For only $4 each, it’s a  much, much cheaper version of PBKids Collector’s Shelves $39 – $59 each.

top bunk bookshelf

Top Bunk Bookshelf

Bottom Bunk Bookshelves

Bookshelves & Artist’s Easle

I got the idea from here.

IKEA STRIPPA Picture Ledges

Flickr user dora337 jung kim used IKEA STRIPPA pictures ledges as bookshelves in her kid’s room. STRIPPA was discontinued back in 2008 & replaced by RIBBA picture ledges.

Previous IKEA “Hacks”

1st IKEA Hack

I bought 3 IKEA BABORD Coat Racks & 3 matching IKEA BABORD Shoe Racks to store our coats & shoes in the mudroom. The pegs on the BABORD coat rack were so tiny I suspected they would break w/ the weight of heavy wet coats, so I asked my husband/blacksmith to forge me some real hooks.

Forged Coat Hooks

Very Strong, Long Screws Drilled Thru the Wall

Coat Racks w/ Coats

Coat Racks & Shoe Racks

2nd IKEA Hack

I love kitchen tool bars, but the backsplash between my cabinets & counter in my A-Frame was too short. So the solution was to hang the tool bar from the low kitchen ceiling.

Look Up For Tools

Fruit & Veggie Tools

Both are the 21¾” IKEA BYGEL Rail $2 w/ a total of 2 / 10 packs IKEA BYGEL S-hooks 99¢

I also did the same thing in my laundry room for hanging clothes. The BYGEL rail can w/stand a surprising amount of weight.

3rd IKEA Hack

I happened upon a clearanced IKEA INDEX Curtain Rod for only 99¢. I thought how it’d be great to hang the mosquito netting curtains I had, also from IKEA & keep the mosquitoes out during the summer when we have the doors open all day long. The rod only extended from 16-24″, which wasn’t wide enough to cover the door, but after my hack it now extends from 30-39″.

IKEA Curtain Rod Hack

Mosquito Netting Extendable Curtain Rod

It now hangs from the existing curtain rod during the summer months when it’s needed & gets removed/packed away during the cooler months.

Mosquito Netting Front Door

Helps Keep The Chickens Out Too : )

IKEA Hack: MALM w/ Storage Boxspring

One can never have too much storage!

I’ve had my eye on the IKEA MALM full-sized bedframe & matching nightstands for awhile now. Then I discovered the SULTAN ALSARP ‘boxspring’ w/ storage & how it would be great to utilize ALL the space under the mattress. I knew that the full-sized Sultan Alsarp was L: 74 3/8 ” x W: 52 3/4 ” x H: 11 3/4 “, & based on the Malm measurements for Mattress L: 74 3/8 ” x Mattress W: 53 1/8 ” & Footboard H: 11 3/4 “, it looked like it would fit. I just needed to go to IKEA & take a peek under the Malm mattress to see how it was held together & what, if anything, could possibly obstruct the Sultan Alsarp from slipping into the Malm bedframe. Everything looked good. When I told the IKEA employee in the bedroom department what I was doing, he said it wouldn’t work. It turns out the Malm is $10 cheaper w/out the galvanized steel midbeam.

Perfect Fit

Clean Looking

Filled w/ Linens

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

w/ Maple Butter Icing, Maple Sugar (Sprinkles) & Bacon

OMGourmet, they were good, so so good!!
Benjamin picked these for his birthday.

I used this recipe, but noticed it needed some improving
Vanilla Garlic: Maple Bacon Cupcake Recipe
I made these changes:
-reverse the b. soda & b. powder amounts (1t b.powder & 1/2t b.soda)
-replace the milk w/ buttermilk
-add/mix the maple syrup in the same time as the milk, since they are both liquids
icing changes:
-whatever you do, DON’T use powdered sugar (overly processed/white sugars cheapen the taste & give you a headache). Maple syrup & butter alone are enough. If you like lots of icing, double the butter & maple syrup
-add some Maple Sugar sprinkles on top & half a piece of  bacon :)

Plastic Bags Banned


Next time you go grocery shopping in San Francisco, you won’t be hearing paper or plastic at the check out. As of this past March, San Francisco is officially the 1st city in the U.S. to ban plastic shopping bags in certain establishments. The city by the Bays Board of Supervisors approved the groundbreaking legislation that would officially ban plastic checkout bags supermarkets by September & pharmacies by early 2008. City officials are optimistic that other U.S. cities including L.A. & NY. will follow suit.

With approximately 180 million plastic bags being distributed to shoppers in San Francisco each year, the bags pose an environmental problem as they are difficult to recycle, & often wind up in trees or bodies of water, where they harm ecosystems & kill marine life not to mention their growing presence in landfills.

Under the new legislation, supermarkets & pharmacies will have to use either compostable bags made from corn starch, or recycled paper. The compostable bags would be easily recyclable through the citys green garbage bin program. The bag ban also represents one of many environmentally-minded measures currently being pushed in San Francisco, including the proposed outlaw of Styrofoam food containers.

Check out these interesting plastic bag statistics, from the S.F. Department of the Environment and Worldwatch Institute, via the San Francisco Chronicle:

180 million: Roughly the number of plastic shopping bags distributed in San Francisco each year.

4 trillion to 5 trillion: Number of nondegradable plastic bags used worldwide annually.

430,000 gallons: Amount of oil needed to produce 100 million nondegradable plastic bags.



Kid’s Designer Chalkboard Table, But Not the Designer Price

Offi Chalkboard Table $249 + Offi set of 2 chairs $248 = $497


OR …

IKEA POÃNG table set $69 + Krylon Black Chalkboard Spray Paint $5.20 = $74.20

DIY Kid’s Chalkboard Table


“DIY Chalkboard Table?









Related: Danish Collect Furniture Chalkboard Table


“Awesome Molded Ply Table & Chairs From Modernseed


Other possibly DIY cheap chalkboard items:

IKEA OFFI Hack using any tabletop & IKEA FROSTA Stool legs

IKEA LACK only $9.99 ea.

Length: 21 5/8 ”
Width: 21 5/8 ”
Height: 17 3/4 ”


or a set of 2 Lack white nesting tables for $17.99

Sizes: 12 1/4×12 1/4×13″ & 16 7/8×16 7/8×15 3/8″.

This set will also nest under the $12.99 Lack table (21 5/8 “l+w x 17 3/4 “h)

Something Fishy in the Bathroom

Fun fish tanks for the bathroom.


$1,100 Urban Peel no longer available

Fish Tank Sink

Moody Aquarium Sink

$4,508 Under Bid no longer available
$4,700 Home Click no longer available

Fish ‘n Flush $199


Fish Tank Bathtub

See in home here