IKEA Hack: MALM w/ Storage Boxspring

One can never have too much storage!

I’ve had my eye on the IKEA MALM full-sized bedframe & matching nightstands for awhile now. Then I discovered the SULTAN ALSARP ‘boxspring’ w/ storage & how it would be great to utilize ALL the space under the mattress. I knew that the full-sized Sultan Alsarp was L: 74 3/8 ” x W: 52 3/4 ” x H: 11 3/4 “, & based on the Malm measurements for Mattress L: 74 3/8 ” x Mattress W: 53 1/8 ” & Footboard H: 11 3/4 “, it looked like it would fit. I just needed to go to IKEA & take a peek under the Malm mattress to see how it was held together & what, if anything, could possibly obstruct the Sultan Alsarp from slipping into the Malm bedframe. Everything looked good. When I told the IKEA employee in the bedroom department what I was doing, he said it wouldn’t work. It turns out the Malm is $10 cheaper w/out the galvanized steel midbeam.

Perfect Fit

Clean Looking

Filled w/ Linens


  1. hey there,
    i am looking to do exactly the same thing!
    was any modification necessary other than removing the malm midbeam ?


  2. How well does it function with the mattress in place? I’m curious given the tight fit how well it rotates upwards with the mattress in place, does it just compress towards the headboard or does the mattress shift a little?

  3. This is fantastic! My husband and I have a queen sized Malm in a small 1 BR apartment. This amount of extra storage is making me giddy. Just wondering about your mattress… is it very high? Ours is quite tall so I wonder if the extra height the Sultan Alsarp base would provide would make it too tall (in relation to the headboard). Regardless, this hack has made my day. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Do you happen to know if the Sultan Alsarp will support a standard American mattress? I’ve love to replace my drab old boxspring with it, but have an ordinary queen size mattress. I fear it may be too heavy

    1. Do you mean to put the ALSARP on a regular bedbase? If so, it would depend on the strength of your bedframe & the weight of what you store in it.

  5. Love this! How much weight can the “lid” handle? I have a pillow-top mattress from Surly that’s pretty hefty.. But I’d love to have all that storage!

  6. What is the interior depth of the Sultan Alsarp? I did a quick check on the Ikea website but it seemed to only list the exterior dimensions.

  7. this is perfect! but how does it hold up when you’re getting “busy” in bed? i dont want to break something i’m about to pay $200 for 😀

  8. Brilliant! Saw this done with plywood, etc. by a guy living in his RV, and thought it would be great to do in the Airstream we own due to its size but weren’t sure we could pull it off. Now we can – thank you!

  9. Do you think this same project would be possible using the twin version of the Sultan Alsarp, and the Twin Malm Bedframe?

    There is no middle beam on the slats used in the twin version of the malm. The only thing that would get in the way I assume would be the thin rails the slats normal rest on. If I remove those, it should be a perfect fit I assume.

  10. Damn, I have a MALM bed, but apparently ikea doesn’t sell SULTAN ALSARP in Germany. Could use a lot of extra storage room, the area is wasted as dust bunny haven right now….

  11. hi there!
    brilliant idea… i have a question for you… is it easy to access the storage on a daily basis with the mattress and bedding on it? do you notice a difference in the comfort level as opposed to using a regular box spring? i am moving from a huge place into a teensy place and i am seeking answers :-)

    1. Yes, it lifts w/ the mattress on it & I can lift the bed open w/ all the bedding & pillows on it too, no problem.
      I was already sleeping on slats before, so it feels the same.

    1. Twin: MALM $129 + ALSARP $220 = $349
      Full: MALM $169 + ALSARP $270 = $439
      Queen: MALM $199 + ALSARP $300 = $499
      King: MALM $249 + ALSARP $175 x 2 = $599

      *full, queen or king: -$10 since you won’t need the MALM midbeam

  12. This looks great! I definitely would like to try it. That’s one of the things that has bothered me about my MALM bed is that it’s too low for any under the bed storage boxes. This looks perfect.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. We have a queen size malm and wonder if it would work with the Queen size SULTAN ALSARP…I also showed my husband and he thinks its brilliant!!!

    Fingers crossed it will work for us

  14. That’s a great Ikea hack! We’ve used traditional tubs under our bed for storage for some time but dislike how it becomes a haven for dust. This looks like a great idea — especially since we like the Malm so much. We’ll be using a queen bed and foundation, and Ikea’s website shows that it should slide in just like yours. Other than simply not using the metal midbeam, is there anything to be done to make it work? Also, how deep is the storage area? Would it be rude to ask you to use a ruler and check? We’re contemplating whether this can replace our current storage needs. Thanks!

  15. Very cool! I just wish I could tell if this would work with the Queen-sized version of both pieces. Based on Ikea’s width measurements for each, you had 3/8″ to spare across. (The storage box being just slightly narrower than the inside of the bed frame.) Looks from the pictures like the box just BARELY squeezed inside. However, looking at the same measurements for the Queen-sized version of each piece, the width measurements are identical (59 7/8″), leaving no room to spare at all. It’s hard to see from the pictures, but do you have ANY wiggle room at all on the sides between the box and the bed frame? I’m scared to buy the queen-sized versions, drag them home, assemble them both only to find out the box is just a hair too big to fit inside the frame. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Great idea. Did the Alsarp come with the lift mechanisms (looks like hydrolic door arms?) or did you add those? If so, what did you use?

    Thanks for posting.

  17. What size is “full size”? It that a double bed? just asking because I have a super kingsize (2 single matresses side by size and this looks like a sweet idea.

  18. Awesome idea, the lack of storage space has been one of the primary issues with my MALM bedframe.

    Do you think this would work with the Queen-sized MALM?

    1. Yep, looks like it would work! The MALM Queen is L 83 7/8″ x W 66 1/2″ x Footboard H 11 3/4″ & the ALSARP Queen is L 79 1/8″ x W 59 7/8″ x H 11 3/4″

      *you can fit even more if you use those space-saving vacuum storage bags, great for storing big bulky quilts!

  19. We have a Malm with the independent, adjustable stiffness slats. We love the bed, but the space underneath is definitely wasted, and with the Malm frame sitting so low it’s hard to get anything under it.

    Any way to keep independent slats while adding the Alsarp storage unit?

    Has anyone tried this with a Queen yet? Pretty tempted to order the Alsarp and give it a go.

    1. If you are handy, you could swap out the ALSARP slats w/ adjustable slats. That in & of itself would be a more involved IKEA Hack.

  20. I use a Tempur-pedic mattress, so I am interested to see what you find out re the weight capability of the hydraulic arms (another fan of yours asked, and you said you would look into it next time you go to ikea). But I am also curious, based on your assembly experience, do you think I could switch out the slats for a flat wood surface? The tempur-pedic requires a flat box spring, so on my current bed, I just put one right on top of the slats. In this scenario, using the Alsarp, would I need to replace the slats with two solid pieces of wood, or would it be better to attach it to the slats?

    1. The Alsarp has a metal frame w/ solid wood slats that are flat & I think they would work fine. Just how heavy are these Tempur-pedic mattresses?
      I hope to make to IKEA soon, I want some new lampshades. I will post if I get any info on the Alsarp weight limits.

  21. Thanks for posting this awesome idea! I’m getting ready to buy the twin version of this and I’m wondering how well the Malm stays together without the metal rails. If I remember correctly, they looked like a pretty integral part of keeping the head and footboards secured together. Have you noticed any difference? Thanks again!

  22. Good day,
    What a nice idea! Compliments!
    I would like to do the same but using another bedframe: IKEA’s products are quite the same all over the world now… any suggestion? Thanks. ;O)


  23. This is a great hack. I’m going to do the same thing with a double mattress and full size Malm.

    @Pete – I have a Malm frame right now without the slats and metal rails inside (just my box spring and mattress sitting on the floor inside the frame. It seems to be okay so I don’t think leaving the metal rails out compromises the structure all that much. Haven’t noticed any difference.

  24. @Bonnie – do not put your mattress on a flat wooden surface instead of slats or an actual box spring. It needs to be able to breathe.

  25. Where and how did you install the extra supports (not sure if that’s the right word) to keep it open when using the storage?

    1. The hydraulic arms come w/ the SULTAN ALSARP
      Go to IKEA. Buy the MALM bedframe & assemble everything but the crossbeam. Buy the SULTAN ALSARP, assemble & drop down inside the MALM bedframe. That’s it … it’s that simple!

  26. Hi
    Well done! I’ve been thinking of changing bed altogether but this solution might just sort me out.
    Can you pls clarify if/how you think this would work with a Super King Size MALM bed?

  27. Thanks, I think I’ll need to use two single ALSARP (they’re 90cm wide each) because teh super king size MALM is 180 cm wide.

    I’ll just have to make sure the two separate sets of ALSARP slats can take the super zing size mattress (it’s not too heavy but it’s a respectable weight!) and figure out how they can lift at the same time – I guess I’ll have to tie them together somehow.

  28. I just did this over the weekend and am very happy with the results–however I was hoping the interior of the Alsarp would be a little taller (there is ~8″ of vertical storage space inside the Queen model).

    The Alsarp also has a somewhat flimsy bottom–it’s fine for sitting on the floor, but if I ever put the Alsarp on legs I’ll be ripping out the stock bottom and replacing it with a couple sheets of 1/4″ finished plywood.

  29. …for people wondering about how the mattress and the headboard meet, my Fjordgard (~110lbs, 8.5″ thick) fits well with Alsarp lifted–it does interfere slightly with the headboard, but not significantly. Weight-wise, it’s not bad to lift or lower, but it probably reaching the upper-limit for what’s usable.

  30. So I took your advice and did this with the twin bed, and I am sooo happy with it! It looks great and functions even better. No more dresser! Whoop!

    My only warning is that if you have molding around the bottom of your walls and plan on leaning against the headboard, be ready for it to rock backwards as there is nothing holding the headboard to the sideboards. I fixed this by stuffing some cardboard between the wall and my headboard and that seems to work so far, but I’m not sure for how long.

    Otherwise I couldn’t be happier, and every time someone comes over they are totally impressed. Thanks again!

    1. Glad to hear it! There is a heavy steel bracket that attaches underneath
      to the frame itself, but even still I wouldn’t push back on the headboard just to be safe :)
      Did you take any pictures? If so, leave a link.

  31. I love this hack. We just moved into a new apartment ourselves and are in dire need of underbed storage. Unfortunately, we have the king size Malm bed and the Alsarp only seems to go up to Queen. Does anybody have any ideas about alternatives to achieve the same effect?

  32. I have finally got round to doing this! It works fantastically well.

    I have a MALM superking size (UK size) which measures W180cm x L200cm; two single ALSARP will work (each measures W90cm x L200cm). They fit perfectly into the MALM frame – snugly so it looks very tidy and the mattress rests on the two ALSARP very nicely.

    My mattress (not IKEA) is huge of course and quite heavy but it seems the mechanism takes it quite well. It is a bit heavy to lift, but not uncomfortably so. I simply will not store stuff that I need every day.

    The bed becomes a fair bit higher than is was but it looks quite normal since the MALM is so low to start with.

    I am delighted, it gives me oodles of storage and you can reach easily all the top so there’s no wasted space.

    I did it all on my own in one afternoon; it would have however been a lot easier to have two people to lift the second ALSARP into the MALM frame; there’s no wriggle room, so it needs to go in straight, but I eventually managed that on my own too.

    Highly recommended!!
    Thanks for the wonderful idea and for the suggestions back in February when I asked.

  33. Wow, this is a great idea! I was looking on the Ikea website here in Canada and was wondering if anyone knew if this would work with the new “higher” Malm bed frame? Will the Alsarp “float” inside the bedframe, or will it sit on the floor, therefore making it useless in terms of lifting the mattress? Someone above mentioned that the bottom seemed pretty flimsy, and I would think I will need to put legs on it to get it to the right height to work with the higher bed frame. Any thoughts?

    Elle :)

    1. The SULTAN ALSARP should sit right on the floor, b/c once filled, it will be very heavy. The new 3¾” higher MALM really won’t make much of a difference if doing this hack, except that the mattress will rest below the bedframe edge a bit instead of level to it. The hydraulics inside the SULTAN ALSARP are still the same & should have no problem lifting the mattress complete w/ bedding.

  34. According to IKEA-the SULTAN ALSARP has been discontinued. I was able to find a store with two left. Another good IKEA product bites the dust… :(

  35. This Rocks! I just asked a couple questions (below) to Laura in London (wonder your impression of not using any feet (our new mattress will be higher than before; thinking of just tucking excess skirt cloth on the Alsarp under the box all the way around . . . thoughts?)


    Hi Laura . . . I’ve got a couple of 1/2 king bases like these in our garage waiting for me to build once our mattress arrives (to N. California from E. Canada on Sweedish Alsarp . . . and advice from you in — the wonderful land of people that have ‘haberdashers’ . . . !!!)

    Well, very excited, and a couple questions after finding the assembly instructions online (before I open the boxes):

    1) I’m wondering if the height Ikea advertises (30cm / 11.75in) = with -or- without the feet (?)

    2) The feet = are they wooden blocks, or — (?)

    (we might not use any feet at all . . . wonder anyone’s impressions of not using any)

    I might post these questions elsewhere as well; If you have a tape measure, and a little time . . . thanks in advance!

    :] JB in N. California

  36. ps I did buy 3 different sizes of round, stainless steel feet . . . not realizing block feet were included. This was before measuring our current bed’s height -vs- the arrangement w/ an Alsarp setup + newer mattress . . . (turns out everything would be the same height for us).

    :] JB

    1. Yikes, they put the ALSARP ‘on top of’ the cross-beams & support bar, instead of leaving those out & dropping it down onto the floor! That seems problematic, esp. after you fill it. I don’t know that the bar & beams can hold the weight of people, mattress, & “stuff”; plus it makes the mattress higher.

  37. Hello,
    I saw this a while ago and have been thinking about doing it. I could really use the extra storage. I already have a queen-sized Malm, the original version, not the higher one. It is obviously already assembled as I have been using it for a couple of years. Other than the slatted bed base, what parts would I need to remove in order to make this work? Thanks!

  38. Hey there, this ooks fantastic. But I am a little confused. I’m in the UK. Our Malm width is 177cm. The matress area has a width of 160cm. However the alsarps on sale in the UK dont seem to have the desired width: either 140cm or 90cm… Am I missing something 9I hope yes) or am I not going to be able to do this?

    Many thanks and a great idea!


    1. Bummer, maybe it is available at the store. You could try going to IKEA & asking someone from the Bedroom Department about other available sizes.

  39. OK, so before doing our own bedroom, we found a used Alsarp for another bedroom in our home. Well, I made a little video yesterday . . . enjoy!

    Ikea Alsarp Meets Swagger Wagon – YouTube

    :] JB

    ps Found out the answers (since we bought one) . . . The 11.75″ height is *without* the feet . . . those blocks are quite chunky and sturdy, and add another 3 or 4″ inches. We just removed them, to set the base directly on the carpet; no chance of dust bunnies or kid’s toys getting lost underneath. We really were able to reorganize our closet spaces — it’s great!

    :] Noticed you’re soon up to 100 comments — Thanks for your blog . . . I was inspired!

  40. Cute video, JB! You lucky dog, not only did you get the ALSARP for cheaper, but you didn’t have to assemble the 10 million parts!

    I’ve gotten a few IKEA items from craigslist: my dining room table for half the price, & the discontinued MOMENT table that I was absolutely in love w/, but missed getting while they still sold it at the stores.

    Thanks, enjoy all the sunshine down in Cali!

  41. Hi, I think this is a great idea…I was checking the Canadian website for Ikea but the Alsarp is not there! Do you have any other similar options???? Thanks!

  42. WONDERFUL!! I was planning a trip to IKEA in the spring to makeover my bedroom, which includes the full-size Malm bed. Now I’ll be adding the Alsarp to get more storage. Can always use that in a smal apartment Brilliant! :)

  43. So when constructing the Malm, there is the mid beam which I know is not needed, but what about those pieces that hold the head and foot boards to the sideboards?

    Looks like I’m number 99! LOL

  44. Hi there.

    This is really cool.
    My wife and myself have a small apartment without too much of a storage space. We thought of buying a bad to our room and we saw the MALM. the downside is the lack of under-bed storage.

    The problem is…. we have a 160cm wide mattress.
    Is there a way to harness this solution to fit a 160cm wide mattress ?

    Thank you.

  45. Hey!

    This is awesome. Only problem I see is that your mattress might slide around on top of the frame/boxspring.

    Any trouble with this?

  46. So, did you guys remove all of the metal support pieces from the Malm/not use any of them? I currently have a Malm and am thinking of doing this.

    1. You will have to remove the slats that currently support the mattress & remove the midbeam under the slats, so that you can drop the SULTAN ALSARP down into the MALM bedframe from the top. The SULTAN ALSARP comes w/ it’s own slats. (The MALM is actually $10 cheaper w/o the midbeam, if you are buying it new.)

  47. Sadly the Sultan Alsarp isn’t in the Swedish IKEA store! We are moving soon and it would have been great to have the storage.

  48. I’m about to finish this build in my new apartment, couldn’t get the Alsarp at the same time as the Malm due to timing. I was wondering if you have noticed any wear on the floor from the Alsarp or the Malm?

    I noticed, putting the Malm together, that it has plastic runner/footie things that go on the bottom of the head and foot boards so I’m hoping that’s enough to prevent scuffs.

    In my last place I had my bed spring placed directly on the floor because the rolling frame was old and began to break. When I rearranged my room after about a year I noticed that the bed spring had scuffed up the floor pretty bad, guess I’m a restless sleeper. So I’m concerned about leaving marks in the new apartments floor.

    1. Currently my bed is on carpet. At the loft, it was on a plywood floor which did not scratch that I noticed. You could get some felt-bottomed furniture sliders / tabs / feet to tick on the bottom of the MALM. The ALSARP should be fine w/ it’s canvas bottom.

  49. I know the midbeam has to be removed, but with the metal pieces that connect the head and footboards to the MALM sideboards, it seems like the ALSARP won’t sit on the floor. Do I take those out too?


    1. I think you may be referring to the rails that hold/support wood slats. If so, no you won’t need those since the Alsarp has it’s own slats for supporting the mattress. http://justpixels.net/stuff/malmbed/ none of what you see in picture #6 is necessary, only what you see in #5 & part of #4: dowels, screws, nuts & half circles. The Alsarp will rest on the floor if the midbeam, rails & cross-arms are left off.

  50. I noticed the Alsarp seems to only come in white, but yours appears to match the bed frame. What did you use for this?

  51. Well I guess that makes a little more sense. I think I will see if the kick plate for the kitchen cabinets will fit the gap so it looks a little more “finished”.

  52. I was in Ikea Edinburgh yesterday and noticed that a few of the malm beds came as this option so it now looks like Ikea are marketing this idea themselves. We are looking for a new bed fram and this will fit the bill as we need the storage space. I have a box spring memory foam matress that is not Ikea but looks like it should fit fine on the malm

  53. This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing.
    I need every ounce of space though so I was wondering whether I could gain another inch or two by not putting in the base of the Alsarp and just storing stuff directly on the floor? Or is it needed for rigidity do you think?
    Also if I don’t add the fabric cover to the Alsarp, is it made of something I could paint or maybe attach some Perfekt plinth to as I’d like a slightly different look where the Alsarp show below the Malm?
    Thanks again

    1. Thanks!
      The base is definitely needed to support the lifted mattress slats & hydraulics. The MALM does not have any storage capacity otherwise. The ALSARP fabric used to be ivory (like mine), but now it is white. Underneath it’s pretty ugly w/o the fabric cover. It’s covered in a thin foam that has been stapled on & it has Velcro along the bottom for attaching the fabric. The birch IKEA PERFEKT plinth matches the birch MALM perfectly & would look really sharp!

  54. If we went with a King sixed one I notice IKEA has a 1/2 King Sultan Alsarp. Would they both fit in and if they did they would both have to come up with the mattress right? Awfully heavy I suppose-what do you think?

  55. I will be doing this using a queen sized Malm and the queen sized Alsarp. I’d love your feedback on the following: I am upholstering the Malm. The headboard will be tufted (using pegboard, doing the work on that, then putting that in front of the Malm’s headboard and attaching them together using l-brackets on the side, then wrapping the fabric around the back so it looks like one piece). So it will have foam and batting, but I don’t think it will affect the Alsarp’s fit since it will be higher than the Alsarp. I WILL, however, also be upholstering the rest of the Malm with the same fabric (not tufted), either with or without batting, depending on whether you think the Alsarp will or will not fit inside with the slightly extra additional thickness of the Malm created with the extra fabric. Do you think I could use the batting on the sides with the fabric, or should I just use the fabric? Thanks!

    1. So long as the fabric is on the outside of the MALM it should be fine. The tufted fabric-covered headboard might cause a problem when lifting the mattress up to get to the storage underneath if it goes down the front of the headboard too low near the mattress.

  56. Thanks for the response. Would you agree, then, that the worst case scenario is I just remove the mattress entirely when I need to access anything inside the Alsarp, or would it work to just slide the mattress a foot or so to the end of the bed before lifting? Also, do you think it makes sense to have PERFEKT plinths cut to size to attach under the Malm, so I could upholster them, and have the sides of the Malm all be flush so I don’t see the Alsarp from the sides?

    1. Pulling the mattress away from the headboard a bit would surely do the trick!
      Yes, to the PERFEKT boards. Be sure to take a picture of your project completed & share the link here! :)

    1. I’m not sure. I’d have to peek underneath to see how the bed is held together & measure the width & length of the interior to know if the ALSARP could fit. I’m planning to go to IKEA soon. When I do, I’ll take a look.

  57. I was wondering if this project could withstand the weight of a regular mattress and box spring, or do I have to use Ikea products?

    1. I did get to IKEA, but it was on a Saturday & of course an absolute madhouse. I nearly died of heat stroke. I didn’t get a chance to look. I barely made it out alive! I will go back on a weekday when it’s not insanely busy.

  58. I wonder if any of the Ikea bed frames could be turned into a wall bed, (Murphy bed type)? I love the idea of the storage under the matress.

  59. Hellooo,

    I looked at the measurements for the queen option and it looks like there would be a space on that size. Malm 83 7/8″ vs alsarp 79 1/8″ Would this be a problem. Your picture show a perfect fit…


  60. Great idea, looking to do this soon but have one question, what kind of headboard is that, really love the way it looks but can’t seem to find it anywhere, did you custom make it?

  61. Thank you so much for the detailed pictures and answering all the questions – this is a great idea and a great thread. I think from the photos this is the original low Malm bed? I’m interested in trying it with the higher one – do you think that would still work please? The baseboard and the side panels are 8cm higher than the low Malm, which would allow the Alsarp/mattress to sit slightly below the frame rather than being flush at the top. I’m worried though that the mattress might be too snug a fit to lift properly. I don’t tuck the duvet under the mattress (it hangs freely down the sides) so the only extra thickness on the mattress would be a fitted sheet. What do you think please?

    1. I think using the higher MALM would look great & keep w/ the Japanese-style low profile! Mattress & bedframe sizes are standard, it should open fine. If you take any pictures of your project, please share them!

  62. Also please could someone tell me how far the bed opens e.g. the vertical distance from the floor to the underside of the slats when fully open. I have a sloping roof so need to be sure it opens properly. Thank you.

  63. I like this project!

    I’ve read through the comments. Is there anyone who has been successful in putting a queen size version of these components together?

  64. Thank you so much for the confirmation and the picture!

    I think I will give this a shot with my queen-size bed, and report back when it is done.

    Now if only Ikea still sold the MALM hidden storage headboard… At least they don’t in the U.S.

  65. Will this work with a queen size malm bedframe and queen alsarp? Did you have to technically buy both of the beds and put the alsarp inside the other?

    1. Yes, it works w/ all sizes. And, yes you have to buy both pieces & just ‘drop’ the ALSARP into the MALM bedframe. You do not need to buy or assemble the MALM cross beam. And you do not need to assemble the MALM slats since you’ll be using the slats on the ALSARP.

  66. I did this but with a really heavy latex mattress now it is somewhat difficult to raise and lower the bed. Do you know how I could go about replacing the struts with stronger ones? What kind of struts am I looking for?

  67. The MALM beds look a lot different as of now. Your good idea is not applicable to today’s store material availability. MALM is already made fully functional as a lift-up storage bed. Too bad it is sold only as full or queen size. People with twin or king needs are out of luck unless they know how and own tools to make their own bed frame.

    BTW, I owned a lift up bed 38 years ago, living in Europe. Here we go now, getting really old, still can’t find a bed in USA that would satisfy my sleeping and storage needs today…

  68. Great job admin! I never looked for MALM bed hacking option until now and found you.

    Did IKEA actually come up this idea to create the MALM storage bed (pull-up hydraulic) based on your design??? I see this post is dated now but still interested in seeing your good job!

    Btw, is ALSARP officially discontinued due to the release of MALM storage bed?

    1. The MALM is one of IKEA’s most popular beds. From what I understand, my hack did create a demand for the MALM bed to include storage underneath. A few commenters said they actually saw my hack in IKEA showrooms. Yes, sadly the SULTAN ALSARP storage boxspring has been discontinued.

  69. I’ve been contemplating purchasing the now actually from Ikea pull-up bed, and figured the best place to take my questions would be it’s actual creator! :)

    I was wondering about mattress weight. Ikea claims it’s only going to work with THEIR mattresses, but I’m skeptical of proprietary claims like that. However, I’m sure there’s the strength of the support beam and hydraulics to consider, and I know you probably can’t speak to Ikea’s specs, but what was your experience with mattress weight in regards to both ease of access and wear and tear on the mechanism itself?

    1. IKEA has made several versions of my hack, both hydraulic & drawers. I’m not sure how sturdy those versions are, but the MALM & SULTAN ALSARP hacked together has held up well. We’ve moved it three times & it still works great. As for mattress weight, I do have an IKEA mattress but w/ 2 mattress toppers, one organic cotton & one memory foam. Others have told me they have much heavier mattresses than IKEA’s & they say the hydraulics lift it no problem.

        1. Well, it looks like they did get rid of it. Since doing my hack, IKEA has redone the MALM to include storage underneath. They have both a hydraulic version & a drawer version.

  70. Does anyone have experience disassembling the Sultan Alsarp? I’m moving in a few weeks and am concerned that my Queen Alsarp may not make the turn on the narrow rowhouse staircase. I was thinking that I could just remove the backerboard that lines the bottom to help with maneuverability and use bungee cords to secure the lifting part to the box so it doesn’t move. Just in case this doesn’t work it would be helpful for advice on the best way to remove the slats/hydraulic lifts. The box itself is straightforward Ikea, but I remember how difficult the top lifting section was to put together. Any advice about how to tackle disassembly would be much appreciated. I love this bed and I really don’t want to give it up!

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