Previous IKEA “Hacks”

1st IKEA Hack

I bought 3 IKEA BABORD Coat Racks & 3 matching IKEA BABORD Shoe Racks to store our coats & shoes in the mudroom. The pegs on the BABORD coat rack were so tiny I suspected they would break w/ the weight of heavy wet coats, so I asked my husband/blacksmith to forge me some real hooks.

Forged Coat Hooks

Very Strong, Long Screws Drilled Thru the Wall

Coat Racks w/ Coats

Coat Racks & Shoe Racks

2nd IKEA Hack

I love kitchen tool bars, but the backsplash between my cabinets & counter in my A-Frame was too short. So the solution was to hang the tool bar from the low kitchen ceiling.

Look Up For Tools

Fruit & Veggie Tools

Both are the 21¾” IKEA BYGEL Rail $2 w/ a total of 2 / 10 packs IKEA BYGEL S-hooks 99¢

I also did the same thing in my laundry room for hanging clothes. The BYGEL rail can w/stand a surprising amount of weight.

3rd IKEA Hack

I happened upon a clearanced IKEA INDEX Curtain Rod for only 99¢. I thought how it’d be great to hang the mosquito netting curtains I had, also from IKEA & keep the mosquitoes out during the summer when we have the doors open all day long. The rod only extended from 16-24″, which wasn’t wide enough to cover the door, but after my hack it now extends from 30-39″.

IKEA Curtain Rod Hack

Mosquito Netting Extendable Curtain Rod

It now hangs from the existing curtain rod during the summer months when it’s needed & gets removed/packed away during the cooler months.

Mosquito Netting Front Door

Helps Keep The Chickens Out Too : )

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