Kid’s Coloring Table

Homeschool Area Under the Steps at Our Loft

Other Side (Orange Side)

I first discovered this table on The Container Store website back in 2007 when the boys were 5 & 7 years old.

from The Container Store

It was a bit too pricey so I tried to use some parts from the IKEA ANTONIUS line like the IKEA ANTONIUS Desktop for $20 instead of The Container Store Desktop w/ Rounded Corners for $149. Now that the boys are older, 9 & 11, I will be upgrading the height of the table & getting bigger chairs.

Big Kid’s Version of Coloring Table made w/ Cheaper IKEA Parts

Checklist for Big Kid/Teen’s Art Table: desktop, open wire drawer unit or plastic drawer unit, & optional divided tray drawer insert

Putting the Kid’s Coloring Table Together

Checklist for Smaller Kid/Toddler-sized Coloring Table: desktop, 2 drawer units (1 medium & 1 narrow), Velcro (for securing desktop to drawer units), & optional feet (for elfa units)

Narrow Drawer Options & Divided Tray

Medium Drawer Options & Divided Tray

The Container Store elfa drawer units come in several widths & heights & you can vary the size of the drawers you use, unlike IKEA ANTONIUS which has only one size wire drawer. You do get a little variety w/ the plastic ANTONIUS drawers 7 gallon $8 or 13 gallon $10.

Drawer Liners & Paper Roll Holders

The Container Store elfa Open Wire Baskets (w/ optional Liner) are cheaper than the elfa Wire Mesh Baskets, but not as cheap as IKEA ANTONIUS Open Wire Baskets. You will however need to buy either the Hangmate Shoe Rack $10 or Hangmate Accessory File $10 (x2) for holding the Paper Roll/Banner from The Container Store.

Chairs & Optional Accessories

Checklist: Band-It Outdoor Loop $2 (x2) for holding the paper down on the table (both ends), Clip Labels or Magnetic Labels (for labeling the drawers), & of course a Chair or 2.

Here it is in action!

Finished Artwork (ready to be rolled up)

Advance the paper over the table from the paper roll on one end & roll up their artwork on the other end.

Buckets of Creativity

Oh, yes …


it also makes a nice place for a nap : )

P.S. more photos here

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