$6 IKEA Lamp Hack

same lamp/same paper (Light On)

I really wanted 2 of these dandelion lamps for our bedroom, but at approx. $105 each, I decided to hack 2 IKEA TASSA NATT kid’s wall lamps w/ frogs for $5 each & save myself $200. It is rumored that it’s “Last Chance“. (It has been discontinued.) When I bought mine at my local Seattle IKEA there was no sign saying “Last Chance“.

same lamp/same paper (Light Off)

This hack has been done many times before here & here, however my hack is slightly different. We needed wall lamps that we could wire directly into the wall, not the corded plug-in kind. So we simply cut the cord off & just wired it directly into the wall.

2-Sided Scrapbook Paper

Also the paper I found ($1 ea.) that matched our bedroom colors of (pale) pink & beige, just happened to be 2-sided, creating a cool effect. It’s like having 2-lamps-in-1!

$6 IKEA Lamp Hack

This hack couldn’t be easier.
You will need scissors & maybe tape if you are using fabric instead of decorative paper
1. take lamp apart
2. trace frog paper onto back of decorative paper or fabric
3. cut paper/fabric
4. place paper/fabric on shade & fold over edges (use tape to secure fabric)
5. assemble lamp

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